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My name is Timothy Harlan and I am both a physician and a chef. This blog is a general collection of information and random ideas on eating great food and eating healthy.

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Stevia; Cooking Scales; More : Ask Dr. Gourmet

Dear Dr. Gourmet,

Q: What kind of pot should I use to make hard cooked eggs?

A: Any kind of pan is fine. I am [...]

Starches; Baking; Fluctuating INR : Ask Dr. Gourmet

Dear Dr. Gourmet,

Q: I went to lunch with my friends and we were at the salad bar choosing the various vegetables for our salads. When my two friends saw me putting peas & corn kernels on my salad (a small amount) they said both of [...]

Gluten Free Gingerbread : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

A Gluten Free Monday

As many of you know we provide a lot of information about eating gluten free here at Dr. Gourmet. As someone who has to follow a gluten free diet myself, I have found that it can be challenging, but there are a [...]

Breastfeeding News; Quickbreads and Muffins: New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

A Healthy Pregnancy
with Faith Bontrager, RN, BSN

The CDC released some great news this week.  From 2000 to 2008 the percentage of mothers who initiated breastfeeding increased over 4 percentage points.

This is great news for babies [...]

Zucchini Bread : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says….

Getting more veggies in your diet is one of the basics of the Mediterranean Diet. The best part is that it’s the one thing you can’t get too much of. (You’ll never hear your doctor say, “Hmm, my lab tests show that you’ve [...]

Mayonnaise Substitute; Kale vs. Spinach; More : Ask Dr. Gourmet

Dear Dr. Gourmet,

Q: In your Green Goddess Dressing recipe, what can I substitute for the mayonnaise?

A: The best substitution for mayonnaise is yogurt. I like to use non-fat [...]

Breakfast Breads and Muffins : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com!

These recipes can be made with stevia instead of Splenda. Use 12 packets of Truvia brand for each 1/2 cup of Splenda. Z Sweet brand measures like sugar so you will need the same amount of that product as the amount of Splenda indicated in [...]

Saltiness; Cyanide in Peaches; Brown vs. White Sugar : Ask Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dear Dr. Gourmet,

Q: I like to use old recipes. I made a lasagna from a 1970’s era recipe of mine. It was very (too) salty. I used Italian sausage (Johnson brand), ground beef, tomato paste, mozzarella cheese (Rouse’s brand), ricotta, an egg, and only added [...]

Gluten-Free Bakery Treats : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

The main issue with gluten free baked goods is that the number of calories is usually much higher than their counterparts made with wheat flour. The flours used in cookies, bread, cakes, pastas and the like are simply more calorie dense. The second issue is one of [...]

Good Gluten-Free Bread Choices : Dr. Gourmet's Food Reviews

We’ve tested a number of gluten free breads with mixed success. The main disappointment is that we’ve not yet found a gluten free product that makes really good sandwiches. The problem is the crumb.

It’s the [...]