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Bell and Evans Frozen Chicken Products : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

 People eat a lot of chicken nuggets and chicken strips. Not being someone who eats at fast food restaurants, I will admit that it has been at least 30 years since I ate a Chicken McNugget, and that experience was bad enough to make me not want to eat more nugget-like meals at all – so I have been avoiding the Bell and Evans versions for some time as a result. Looking at the package in the market, I was encouraged, however, and decided that enough time had passed (meaning that my memories of just how bad Chicken McNuggets are has waned).

Generally chicken nuggets are made in a way that defies logic, with manufacturers grinding the chicken into a paste and then forming that back into a nugget or chicken shaped strip. One judge, writing in his judgment of a suit against McDondalds, called the process “McFrankenstein.” Bell and Evans Frozen Chicken Products

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