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My name is Timothy Harlan and I am both a physician and a chef. This blog is a general collection of information and random ideas on eating great food and eating healthy.

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Parents' portions, kids' portions: Dr. Gourmet's Health and Nutrition Bites

Back in 2012 I shared with you a study that showed that when preschoolers are presented with larger servings, they tend to eat more. On that occasion I pointed out that parents who were trying to get their [...]

Smart Phones and Childhood Obesity: Dr. Gourmet's Health and Nutrition Bites

Smart phones seem to be more and more common, even in school age children. And they don’t appear to be limited to those children whose families are in the higher income brackets: those who are minorities or [...]

Dieting? Spicy Foods May Help: Dr. Gourmet's Health and Nutrition Bites

People ask me this all the time: “Is it true that eating spicy foods raises your metabolism?”

It sure seems like it ought to be true: when you eat [...]

Plating Matters: Dr. Gourmet's Health and Nutrition Bites

Back in 2011 I told you about a group of studies that compared different food presentations on how much people liked the food (Bite,9/21/11). One study compared “balanced” and “unbalanced” presentations, a second compared “neat” to “messy,” [...]

Fruits and vegetables are good for your heart: Dr. Gourmet's Health and Nutrition Bites

Several years ago I reported on a study that looked at the effects of eating fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C on the markers of inflammation in the blood that signal an increased risk [...]

Why you eat more while watching TV: Dr. Gourmet's Health and Nutrition Bites

Several years ago I reported on two studies that showed that both adults (Bite, 11/07/06 ) and children (Bite, 02/14/07) tend to eat more when they are distracted, whether by music or television. While there are several [...]

Finding a direct link from sodium to heart disease: Dr. Gourmet's Health and Nutrition Bites

I like to tell my medical students that “medicine is not math.” Remember that Transitive Property of Equality you might have learned about in Algebra? Where if A = B and B = C, then A always [...]

Peanuts and Pregnancy: Dr. Gourmet's Health & Nutrition Bites

The incidence of peanut allergy in children has more than tripled in recent years.

Research tells us that 70% of allergies are identified at the child’s first known [...]

How to Keep the Weight Off

You probably know as well as I do that it’s one thing to lose weight and something totally different to keep it off long term. While there’s certainly plenty of research into the initial weight loss, there’s [...]

Should you take Vitamin D for your bones?

About a year ago a friend of mine started jogging. Like me, she was a bicyclist, but she was looking to change up her exercise routine. While bicycling gives you plenty of leg muscle, however, it doesn’t [...]