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California Pizza Kitchen : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Four Cheese and Margherita Pizzas

 We’ve been seeing frozen pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen in our local grocery stores for a while, but we haven’t reviewed them because they’re all labeled 3 servings. While one or two of those pizzas meet our sodium standards, the truth is that very few people are going to eat only two slices of those small pizzas. Sure, in the ideal world people would only eat two slices and stop, but here at Dr. Gourmet we’re a bit more realistic. (After all, in the ideal world you wouldn’t be eating frozen meals at all, would you?)

Just recently we spotted the single-serving versions of CPK’s pizzas on the shelf at the grocery. While the Sicilian Style had 700 milligrams of sodium, the Four Cheese and the Margherita pizzas had 530 mg and 660 mg respectively, putting the Margherita a little on the high side of what we’d like to see. Still, acceptable levels for pizza. So we brought them in for our tasting panel. California Pizza Kitchen Single Serving Pizzas

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