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Controlling Blood Sugars; Gluten-Free Fiber; More : Ask Dr. Gourmet

Dear Dr. Gourmet,

Q: I am interested in the Mediterranean Diet but I am allergic to fish and shellfish. What can I substitute for the fish/shellfish? I don’t particularly like meat.

A: Certainly there’s good research to support including fish in one’s [...]

Gluten Free Breads from Food For Life : Reviews by Dr. Gourmet

Food For Life
Gluten Free Breads

Every now and then we will have a company email us and say, “We want to send you our product for review.” Our reply is usually to the effect of “Have you read the Dr. Gourmet reviews? You know, they are not always [...]

Pasta Dishes from Udi's Gluten Free : Reviews by Dr. Gourmet

Udi’s Gluten Free
Sweet Potato Ravioli and
Ziti & Meatballs

We’ve been watching for the arrival of more frozen single-serving meals from Udi’s Gluten Free since we discovered their new line back in March of last year. While their two variations [...]

Whole wheat reduces inflammation : Dr. Gourmet's Health and Nutrition Bites

In the last few years carbohydrates have taken a beating in the popular press, demonized by proponents of Atkins and other fad diets so thoroughly that even dietitians (who should know better) talk about how to make [...]

Pizza Wraps from Glutenfreeda : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Three Cheese Pizza Wrap and Pesto Chicken Pizza Wrap

These looked interesting in the freezer case.

The idea of a wrap that tastes like pizza seemed novel. There are [...]

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity : Dr. Gourmet's Health and Nutrition Bites

There’s been a fair amount of coverage in the health news on recent research into non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). A study that appeared to confirm the existence of NCGS was refuted by a later study, performed by [...]

Lasagnas from Udi's Gluten Free : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Italian Sausage Lasagna and
Broccoli & Kale Lasagna

Lasagna seems like it would be a good choice if you were a company making frozen foods. It is a single, self contained meal that is easy to package. The pasta [...]

Mac & Cheeses from Udi's : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Udi’s Gluten Free
Penne & Cheese with Uncured Bacon
and Penne & Cheese

I recently read that people are consuming fewer and fewer frozen meals. Some of the data indicates that people are put off by the additives and high [...]

10 Things You Need to Know About Health Claims on Food Labels : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says….

The FDA allows health claims to be made on foods, but the assertion does have to meet certain criteria.

The claims allowed fall into ten different categories based on a relationship between a certain [...]

Gluten Free Gingerbread : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

A Gluten Free Monday

As many of you know we provide a lot of information about eating gluten free here at Dr. Gourmet. As someone who has to follow a gluten free diet myself, I have found that it can be challenging, but there are a [...]