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Migraine Triggers; Non-Stick Pans : Ask Dr. Gourmet

Dear Dr. Gourmet,

 Q: What temperatures should be used with non-stick skillets for cooking various foods? Are there any guidelines? I read somewhere that eggs should be cooked on med-low, is that correct?

A: Thanks very much for this question. I have had a debate about this with a chef friend who claimed that I should not have used a non-stick pan at high heat as I did in a recent television segment.

I have looked at a great deal of opinion on this and many manufacturers suggest temperatures between 350°F and 450°F. There is no clear consensus. Temperatures for Non-Stick Pans

 Q: Are there any foods or food groups that contribute to migraine headaches? Are there any foods or food groups that assuage migraine headaches?

A: There are no foods that have been definitively shown to help relieve migraines. We do have some evidence that foods that are high in tyramine can provoke migraine. Here’s a list of some foods that are high in tyramine. In general, if it says aged, dried, fermented, salted, smoked or pickled, you should suspect that this is high in tyramine. Foods High in Tyramine

[We received the following comment about our recipe for Pork Chops with Garlic Sauce.]

 Q: Since this is a healthful website, why does this entree have oil & butter? This is too high in fat content for anyone.

A: This comment couldn’t be more wrong.

Over the years folks have come to believe that fat is bad. It’s a shame, really, but back in the dark ages of nutrition (only about 20 years ago) we thought that all fat was bad. We now know that’s not true. In fact, we know that foods using ingredients that are high in monounsaturated fats are good for you. Fat in Dr. Gourmet Recipes

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