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My name is Timothy Harlan and I am both a physician and a chef. This blog is a general collection of information and random ideas on eating great food and eating healthy.

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Sausage and Yellow Pepper Risotto : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says….

People will plan almost every aspect of their lives. They know when they have to be at work, what meetings they will go to, times for the kid’s soccer game, when they are going to mow the lawn and on and on. Any [...]

Pasta with Butternut Squash Sauce : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

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It’s clear that those in Mediterranean cultures consume less meat and eat leaner meats than those in Western cultures. Diet studies reveal that they consume an average of 4 ounces or less of meat each day, so a lot of prospective research has [...]

Classic Shredded Hash Browns : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

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It looks like your mother was right (she knew it all along). Breakfast may just be the most important meal of the day.

There are a number of reasons why you should make a [...]

Cajun Chickpea Crusted Chicken : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

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The word legume refers not only to the species of plants, but also to any fruit that grows seeds lined up in a pod. (I find it interesting that peas and black beans are actually considered to be fruit.) Also known as Pulses, [...]

Curried Carrot Soup : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

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Fiber is what your grandma used to call “roughage.” It’s not one particular food, but it’s simply the part of foods that your body can’t digest. Fibers are technically carbohydrates, but your body doesn’t have the enzymes to break them down like it [...]

Happy Lundi Gras! : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Happy Lundi Gras!

It is Mardi Gras week here in New Orleans. Today is Lundi Gras (yes, we have both Fat Monday and Fat Tuesday).

You don’t have to live here to love great food. New Orleans [...]

Barbacoa : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says….

One of the reasons that I started writing about food was because there wasn’t much information available. At the time the government didn’t require that manufacturers list nutrition information on their packages, but with all this extra information it helps if you know [...]

In Case You Missed It: Soup Month Recap : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

In Case You Missed It

January was National Soup Month, and we celebrated by creating eight new soup recipes to help make your life easier and more delicious.

Since many of them take a little more time [...]

Meatball Soup : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says….

When I discuss cholesterol results with patients they’ll often tell me, “I’ll stop eating red meat.” Unfortunately, it’s not that red meat is bad for you, but folks generally eat too much of it and also don’t choose the right cuts.

Holiday Menu Suggestions from Dr. Gourmet

Holiday celebrations are in full swing and it’s time to plan that holiday meal. Here’s a holiday menu that won’t have you spending all day in the kitchen. Happy holidays from all of us at Dr. Gourmet!

Holiday Menu
Roast Leg of Lamb