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My name is Timothy Harlan and I am both a physician and a chef. This blog is a general collection of information and random ideas on eating great food and eating healthy.

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Special Issue: Thanksgiving Celebration Menu : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says….

Days like Thanksgiving and Christmas and your birthday are the ones when you’re not supposed to “behave.” There’s a time and a place to splurge, and these are those times.

Eating healthy is not about [...]

Roasted Chicken Breast : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Chef Tim Says….

Not everyone gathers for a large holiday meal. While we might get together with family and friends, some years it might just be a couple of you. In that case, making a big Thanksgiving dinner may seem daunting – but there are a [...]

Thanksgiving is Coming! : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says….

I was speaking to a group last week and there was a question from the audience about “how can we do all this and still be healthy with Thanksgiving coming up?” There are a lot of answers to this question but first and [...]

Roasted Squash Tacos : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Roasted Squash Tacos

When you mix together the wet rub, use a large mixing bowl. The rub will be very sticky because of the thickness of the molasses. Use a rubber spatula to mix [...]

What's your Mediterranean Diet score? : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says….

I have been writing for a long time about the Mediterranean diet and how easy and healthy this is. The recipes on the Dr. Gourmet web site use these principles and translate them to dishes and menus that are familiar to you. I have [...]

Miso Root Vegetables : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Miso Root Vegetables

This is a great side dish to serve with Asian meals. It is also perfect with a simple piece of seared tuna or chicken breast.

Miso Eggplant Stir Fry

Eggs Benedict with Eggplant : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Eggs Benedict with Eggplant

This is a rich and decadent weekend breakfast that is made better by the creamy roasted eggplant.

Mustard Hollandaise Sauce

Look for [...]

Miso Glazed Salmon : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says….

It’s clear that eating fish is great for you and one of my favorites is salmon. This is both because I love the flavor and because there are remarkably high levels of Omega 3 fats found in this delicious and versatile fish. I [...]

Root Vegetable Pasta : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Root Vegetable Pasta

This is a quick, easy weeknight pasta with a few twists. The all veggie sauce has the savory taste of a meat sauce because of the umami from the parmesan but [...]

Healthy Lasagna with Eggplant : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Lasagna with Eggplant

This is a big portion of lasagna that is rich and cheesy. The best part is that the recipe is so simple and takes about 30 minutes prep time. The hardest part [...]