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My name is Timothy Harlan and I am both a physician and a chef. This blog is a general collection of information and random ideas on eating great food and eating healthy.

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Spring Holiday Menu : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or the return of Spring (finally!), here’s a healthy holiday menu that everyone will love. Enjoy!

Roast Leg of Lamb

I [...]

Red Beans and Rice Risotto : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Red Beans and Rice Risotto

I love red beans and rice and I love risotto. The former is a rich blend of rice, veggies and beans spiced just right. The latter is a subtle, [...]

Cottage Pie; Almonds; Diabetes : Ask Dr. Gourmet

Dear Dr. Gourmet,

Q: Your recipe for Low Sodium Cottage Pie looks good, but for reducing fat, how do you think it would be to substitute ground turkey (either 93% fat or ground turkey breast) for the ground beef? My mom uses Coumadin and Dad has to [...]

Sweet Potato Latkes and Hash Browns : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Sweet Potato Latkes

You can go any way that strikes your fancy with these. The cinnamon and nutmeg take the flavor sweeter, but you can use sage, for example, and come out with a [...]

Cajun Chickpeas : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Cajun Chickpeas

Try roasted chickpeas on your salad instead of croutons.

Cajun Chickpea Crusted Chicken

Avocado Potato Salad : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Avocado Potato Salad

Potato salad is the perfect side dish and this version with avocado makes it even better. With the creamy, healthy avocado replacing the mayonnaise you have a subtle buttery flavor that [...]

Tamale Pie : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Tamale Pie

You can pre-make this tamale pie and chill it for serving later. It will take about 25 minutes in the oven to reheat but makes great leftovers.

Chicken Marbella : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Chicken Marbella

This is not fussy and not fancy. The combination of sweet prunes, salty olives, tart capers, savory chicken and vinegar is the perfect blend of ingredients. Great recipes are about balance and [...]

Barbacoa : Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says….

One of the reasons that I started writing about food was because there wasn’t much information available. At the time the government didn’t require that manufacturers list nutrition information on their packages, but with all this extra information it helps if you know [...]

Recipes for Two : New Recipes @ DrGourmet.com

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so we’ve gathered a few of our favorite recipes for two that take only thirty minutes to make. Cooking with your loved ones is great fun – enjoy!

Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Butter