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Breakfast Options from Artisan Bistro : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Mediterranean Breakfast Stack and Huevos Rancheros Verde

I have said this many times when writing this column: I just don’t know why the category of frozen breakfast food exists. Breakfast is so easy that it seems silly to [...]

Breakfast Burritos from evol Foods : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Egg White & Spinach Breakfast Burrito and Sausage, Egg & Smoked Gouda Breakfast Burrito

We’re returning to our tour of the frozen breakfast burrito offerings this week. So far the breakfast burrito offerings have been largely good with the [...]

Cajun Food from Savoie's Foods : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Savoie’s Foods
Shrimp Etouffee and
Seafood Penne Pasta

New Orleans loves its Cajun and Creole food, and we and the tourists who visit us sure eat a lot of it. The problem is that so many of the restaurants that [...]

Breakfast Burritos from Amy's Foods : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Amy’s Foods
Breakfast Burrito and
Tofu Scramble Breakfast Wrap

This week we’re continuing what my wife is calling “the breakfast burrito tour of the frozen food aisle.” A couple of weeks ago we discovered two breakfast burritos from Sweet Earth Natural [...]

Breakfast Burritos from Sweet Earth Natural Foods : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Sweet Earth Natural Foods
Big Sur Breakfast Burrito and
Baja Breakfast Burrito

Until now we’ve largely avoided entering the breakfast food portion of the frozen food market. Early this year we reviewed two breakfast meals from Amy’s because one of my [...]

Pizza Wraps from Glutenfreeda : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Three Cheese Pizza Wrap and Pesto Chicken Pizza Wrap

These looked interesting in the freezer case.

The idea of a wrap that tastes like pizza seemed novel. There are [...]

Three Cheese Ziti and Cheesy Rice and Chicken from Banquet : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Three Cheese Ziti and Cheesy Rice and Chicken

About a month ago we discovered Banquet’s so-called “entrees.” As I remarked at the time, Banquet was a company I didn’t expect to ever review. I learned better, however: the Queso [...]

Dr. Gourmet Reviews Two from Healthy Choice: Baked Taste

Chicken & Spinach Alfredo and Chicken Enchilada Bake

We’ve reviewed over 50 frozen meals from Healthy Choice, and sad to say, only about 2 in 5 [...]

Eggplant Dishes from Angel Foods : Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Three Eggplant Meals

I love eggplant. When my wife found today’s meals at our local Rouse’s grocery store I have to admit I was jealous: none [...]

Pasta Dishes from Banquet: Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Fettuccini Alfredo and Queso Mac

Finding single-serving meals in the freezer case is easy, but finding ones with less than around 650 milligrams of sodium per [...]